‘I only ask for justice and that they take my daughter into account’

Although their cases are different, the claim is the same: justice for their children. It is about the story of Nayeli Salazar, who has had no news of her little girl for more than three years; and the case of Esmeralda Cigarroa, whose daughter was raped and her case remains stalled and with a series of preferences in favor of the aggressor.

They, along with other parents, joined in a mobilization to demand that the corresponding authorities turn to see their cases and pay attention to them, placing a series of posters on the highest point of the pedestrian bridge on the Torreón highway. Matamoros, in front of the Mantle of the Virgin.

Nayeli reported that three years ago was the last time she saw her little girl, then three years old. The minor’s father took her away from her despite the fact that she has guardianship and custody, confirmed by a judge.

“My daughter was abducted by her father in collusion with her family, so far I have no answer as to where my daughter is, it’s been three years since this process, I have guardianship and custody confirmed by a court and we still haven’t heard from her ” he said sadly, holding up the search report card.

In return, the mother received complaints against her, both in Coahuila and in the neighboring state of Durango, where she is accused of theft, “a crime for which I can go to prison… this is for having denounced my ex-partner for abduction , his mother and his sister”.


Esmeralda Cigarroa has also waited for justice for her daughter, who a year and a half ago was the victim of rape by a cousin, also a minor.

“She was the victim of rape by a minor, whom the authority, the state, the judges, have been protecting so as not to violate her rights, without turning to see the rights that my daughter has to access justice,” claimed her mother.

He points out that throughout that time, precautionary measures have been removed, “they have seen everything for the well-being of the young man, I only ask for justice, that they take into account that my daughter is also a minor, my daughter was 11 years old and the aggressor 15 years. But right now the state, the judges have been in favor of them in the hearings, you see a lot of favoritism for the accused, “he said.

And he stressed, “I only ask that you take into account that my daughter is a minor and has the right to access justice.”

The mother said that although the attack was reported immediately, an arrest warrant was issued against her, which was executed improperly, for which she was released.

“Actually I don’t know how the authorities handle themselves, but they say that they cannot violate the rights of the minor, but they can the rights of my daughter.”

That is why it requires that if minors act as adults committing a series of crimes, “that they be made to pay as adults.”


For Ariadne Lamont Martínez, director of Advocacy and Support for Victims of Violence at the Institute for Training, Research and Consultancy on Gender and Human Rights AC (Incide Femme), “it is always the same ‘modus operandi’, both from the aggressors and from the The authorities”.

This, given the lack of justice that both mothers have received, both from the judicial authorities of Coahuila and Durango.

“They do not protect any man, they protect men who have a certain profile, whether they are businessmen, officials or who are wealthy men, those are the cases that never advance and the mothers do not see their children again. But in those cases they always favor the aggressor, the one who abducted the minor, the one who commits vicarious violence and the one who is poisoning their children”.

This is because they are not the only cases in which greater support has been reported for the aggressor than for the victim.

null justice

Both mothers of families have received zero justice, both by the judicial authorities of Coahuila and Durango.

* In the case of Esmeralda Cigarroa, her 11-year-old daughter was raped.

* She was abused by a 15 year old cousin.

* Requires that if minors act as adults committing a series of crimes, they also pay as adults.

He awaits justice for his daughter, who was raped a year and a half ago.

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