Hundreds of Laguneros attend the casting of La Academia 20 years

In the Comarca Lagunera there is a lot of talent, something that was reaffirmed today.

This Saturday, from 10:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon, a casting was held in Torreón to choose the participants of La Academia 20 años, which will have Lola Cortés and Ana Bárbara as judges.

It was in an educational institution in the east of Torreón where the casting was held, which was attended by hundreds of people from La Laguna who want to win a place in the next edition of the reality show,

Each one of them, upon arrival, registered and then went to a room where judges such as Nicole Morató and Samuel Alba rated the talent and stories of the boys.

Lizbeth López, show host for TV Azteca Laguna, commented that the call was excellent since many regional talents arrived.

Many of the boys have arrived since last night, some with their families. Most of them have come young. We have seen a lot of talent so it will be difficult for the judges to make the selection”.

López detailed how the process will be to select the following academics.

The judges are seeing the vocal talent, the performance of the lagoon artists and their way of interpreting the melodies; Of all those who came today, 10 will be selected, which will go to a next filter that will take place in Mexico City”Lizbeth commented.

El Siglo de Torreón toured the site to talk with the young singers.

Carlos Emiliano Martínez is 18 years old and is a native of the ejido November 20of the municipality of San Pedro.

He commented that he promised his mother, who recently passed away, that he would audition for La Academia and that he would do his best to succeed on stage.


My mom helped me on my way. In high school I discovered my talent. The first time I sang at an event, I couldn’t go because I was sick with cancer. I promised her that I was going to stand out in music, I owe it to her, to my people, to my people and to myself”.

From Torreón and 21 years old, Miguel Ángel Nevárez commented that he felt nervous when he started the tests.

“I got carried away and having sung made me feel good”reported the boy who sang the song Amnesia.

At the casting, he also turned around, Luis Jauregui, who has extensive local experiencebut his desire is to shine at the national level and that is why he continues in search of his dream.

The tests of the same served for some lagoons to get to know each other and become friends.

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