How will the weather continue in Resistencia

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The National Meteorological Service anticipates unstable weather, with cloudy skies and probable drizzles, and a cold to cool environment for the next few days in Resistencia and surroundings, with minimums around 10°C and maximums that will not exceed 15.

In detail, morning fog, cloudy skies, and probable isolated rains and drizzles in the afternoon-night are expected for this Friday, with light winds from the south. The temperature will oscillate between a minimum of 9 degrees and a maximum of 15 degrees.

Likewise, for Saturday drizzles are announced in the morning, mostly cloudy sky in the afternoon-nightand light winds from the south rotating to the southeast, with a thermal floor of 11 degrees and a ceiling of 16.

time_23 June

Meanwhile, cloudy skies are expected for Sunday, and a cold to cool environment, with a minimum temperature of 10 degrees and a maximum of 15 degrees.

Finally, for Monday, the SMN forecasts unstable weather, with probable isolated rains in the morning, and cloudy skies in the afternoon-night, with a minimum temperature of 12 degrees and a maximum of 15.

The weather would only begin to improve on Tuesday, with cloudiness decreasing, but with similar thermal values.

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