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The festival will take place this Saturday, May 14 in Turin. Then we give you more details.

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The 66th edition of Eurovision Song Contest will take place the next Saturday May 14 in Turin after Maneskin’s victory in Rotterdam. One of the questions for fans of the event is how the voting system works for the final.

Eurovision is one of the most watched events by the public throughout the European continent year after year. Since spoilers, We give you all the details you need to know about the event.

How are the votes going at Eurovision 2022?

The first thing to keep in mind is that each song will have numerical numbers that will appear on the screen and in a moment the presenters Laura Pausini, Alessandro Cattelan and Mika will indicate that it will be possible to vote.

When the representative is selected, the digital code is sent via a SMS on a mobile or by calling a landline. Since 2013, an app called Eurovision Song Contest by the company Tell me for the event through which you can see the photographs, performances and how the novelty to vote.

In addition to televoting, both for the semi-finals and for the final, the votes of the respective national juries will be added: the sum of the two voting systems will ensure the ranking of the songs that can compete to win the prize.

Which countries are participating in Eurovision 2022?

25 countries will be in the final, 20 of the two semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday and the five countries of the so-called Big Five (Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy)who entered directly. In the first semi-final they passed the round: Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova and the Netherlands.

What is the origin of Eurovision?

The Eurovision Song Contest – in French: Eurovision Song Contest; in English: Eurovision Song Contest – is an annual television contest involving performers representing member countries of the European Broadcasting Union.

The event is broadcast worldwide, even in countries that do not participate. The festival is historically known for being a great promoter of pop music.

The first edition of the Eurovision Song Contest took place in the city of Lugano (Switzerland) on May 24, 1956. Seven countries submitted two songs each, making a total of fourteen songs. It was the only edition where a country could perform more than one song: since 1957, all competitions allowed only one song per country.

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