How much does Christian Martinoli earn on TV Azteca? Here we tell you

MEXICO CITY-. Christian Martinoli has become a idol of several Mexican soccer fans, thanks to its peculiar way of narrate the matches of the Mexican team and of MX League for Aztec TV.

Born in Mar de Plata, Argentina, but living in Mexico since he was a child, Christian Martinoli began his adventure in Aztec TV in 1998where he has remained the most important sports reporter on the television station.

How much does Christian Martinoli earn as a chronicler on TV Azteca?

According to information from Goalquoted by the portal TodayFut, Christian Martinoli have a monthly salary of approximately 300 thousand pesosso at year win between 3 million 500 thousand pesos Y 4 millionsat least in salary.

Martinoliwho thanks to his voice and his way of working has kept TV Azteca one of the fans’ favorite options, will end his contract with the television station Ricardo Salinas after the World Cup Qatar 2022.

Christian Martinoli affirms that he would never work for Televisa

In an interview he had last month, Christian Martinoli revealed “hating with all his heart” Televisa, which is the competition of Aztec TVwho said that i would never work for that company, no matter how much money they offer you.

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