How is the contingency plan on the country’s highways

The Minister of Public Works (MOP), Juan Carlos Garcíatogether with various traffic, highway and road safety authorities, released this Thursday the details of the contingency plan on the various highways of the country before the long weekend.

As detailed by the authorities in the projections of the MOP it is estimated that more than 350 thousand vehicles (351,921) leave the Metropolitan Region the long weekend.

Furthermore, they specified that the largest exit of vehicles will be concentrated on Friday, June 24; and reported that that day 122 thousand cars will leave the capital.

García made a call to the people in order to face the variant of the rain that could make it difficult to drive the vehicles.

“We ask drivers to be extremely careful. But we have also been implementing our emergency protocol for road congestion, which is a coordination protocol with the Carabineros, with the Undersecretary of the Interior and the concessionaire companies.”

What are the measures?

Route 5 North (Los Vilos – Santiago)

The Melon Tunnel will have one-way traffic on Saturday June 25 northbound only; and on Monday, June 27, southbound only.

Route 68 (Valparaiso – Viña del Mar – Santiago)

Regarding the measures adopted for the return of this second long weekend of June, to On Monday, June 27, the application of 3×1 in the direction of Santiago is contemplated on Routes 68 and 78.

Route 68

Route 78 (San Antonio – Santiago)

For the return of Monday June 27 3×1 will be enabled towards Santiago between Variante Melipilla (km 63.3) and Talagante sector (km 39.3) from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Route 78

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