How did the calculations end up in Durango and why did Esteban Villegas win?

According to the final results of the Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute of Durango (IEPC) on the election to the governorship of Durango, the current governor-elect Esteban Villegas won with 370 thousand 924 votes; Marina Vitela came second with 270,859 votes and Patricia Flores took 29,757 votes. There were 3,425 unregistered votes and 14,704 invalid votes. A total of 689,669 Duranguenses voted.

The difference between first and second place is 100 thousand 065 votes.

Villegas went for the Alianza Va Por Durango, which led the PRIand Vitela for the coalition Together We Make History, led by Morena.

According to the percentages: Villegas obtained 53.78% of the vote, Vitela 39.27% ​​and Flowers 4.31%. A total of 51.31% of Duranguenses voted.


Esteban Villegas won in the 15 local districts.

The PAN (only in the entity) obtained 108 thousand 377 votes, while the PRI (only in all of Durango) 244 thousand 599 votes and the PRD 17 thousand 948. These three parties confirmed the Va por Durango alliance with which Villegas won.

On the side of the Together We Make History coalition (made up of Morena-PVEM-PT-RSP), Morena (as a single party in the entire entity) obtained 214 thousand 553 votesthe Labor Party 23,948, the Green Party 17,908, and Progressive Social Networks 14,450 votes.

The Citizen Movement for which Paty Flores was going obtained 29 thousand 757 votes.


According to an analysis by Omar Ortega Soria, advisor to the Durango IEPC, which he carried out with data from the district calculations for informational purposes, voting by district and party yields numbers that can serve as a future reference.

El Siglo de Torreón, based on these data (table), extracts that among the interesting local data it stands out that in two of the three local districts of Gómez Palacio the PRI won (as a single party) over Morena, however, in one district, 10, it did not; There he won Morena with 16 thousand 011 votes against 15 thousand 992 (very close). In the other districts (11 and 12 of Gómez Palacio) the PRI wins with a difference of 3 and 5 thousand votes, respectively.

Putting together the vote of the three districts of Gómez Palacio, the PAN contributed 9 thousand 974 votes. The PRD gave the alliance 2,171 votes in the 3 districts of Gómez Palacio.


Morena’s companions (PT, RSP and PVEM) barely gave the coalition Together We Make History, among the three parties and in the 3 districts of Gómez Palacio, just over 3 thousand 700 votes.

In District XIII of Lerdo, PRI and Morena were quite even, Well, the tricolor obtained 16 thousand 521 votes and Morena 16 thousand 234.

The difference was due to the fact that the PAN contributed 4,202 votes and the PRD 469 in Lerdo, while the accompanying parties of Morena (PT, RSP and PVEM) barely passed 2 thousand votes among the three in Lerdo.

In the 5 districts of the capital of Durango, the difference between the alliance and the coalition was much more markedsince there was a difference of 7,000, 9,000 and up to 14,000 votes in favor of the alliance.

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