How Cultpix works, the platform for cult film lovers


In the age of mainstream-dominated streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney, alternatives like MUBI and this cult movie service are emerging.

The logo of the cult streaming platform.© CultpixThe logo of the cult streaming platform.

“Welcome to the weird, wonderful and twisted world of cult and genre films”they warn in cultpixwhere from April 2021 they started working with a varied list of films ranging from bands such as bikersthe first professional work of Nicole Kidmanto more specific productions by directors that are harder to find on other platforms.

From the platform, they point out that their catalog is accessible from anywhere in the world. All you need is a good internet connection and a device to play the movies, so you can start enjoying them at home. Of course, they recommend from the official page to mainly use computers because although it works on cellphones and smart TVs, it still doesn’t work so stable.

In the questions and answers section, they explain that it is the moderators themselves who decide which film is cult and which is not, while specifying that by their own decision, they will not upload any type of production released after 1990 . “We join the world’s leading distributors of vintage, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, sexploitation and martial arts genre films”they explain on the web, where there are a wide variety of categories to search for movies.

To rent it, you can access the monthly plans for €6.66 or pay the annual subscription of €59. “There is something here for everyone”they say, while specifying that “we’ll be constantly adding suggestions, top 10 lists, and other ideas for movies to enjoy”. What is interesting is that they are ready to change the perception you have of the world of cinema: “You were forced to consume established film history. Forget that Hitchcock, Bergman, Fellini, Godard and Kurosawa. We are rewriting the history of cinema ».

+How to request to add movies to Cultpix

“There’s a wide variety of reasons why we have the films we have, but we’re always trying to add more”they matter. In this sense, the catalog is made up of titles that they obtain because the owners of the site own them, through agreements with distributors, or because they are in the public domain. But there are also titles that fall into the category of those that “we will probably never have the rights” for copyright issues. Therefore, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, on the web they claim: “Contact us and let us know which film you would like us to include and we will do our best”.

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