House burns down in Valle del Nazas de Gómez Palacio neighborhood

Last Saturday afternoon there was a fire in a home in the Valle del Nazas neighborhood in the city of Gómez Palacio, no one was injured, only material damage.

The events occurred around 8:00 p.m. in the house marked with number 288 of Tlahualilo avenue, corner with González de la Vega street in the aforementioned sector.

It was through a telephone call to the state emergency system 911, that the rescue and security corporations of the city were alerted about the incident.

Elements of the Fire Department and Civil Protection, They arrived at the scene aboard two fast attack machines..

They immediately proceeded to enter the farm to fight the flames with jets of water.

The fire was concentrated in the kitchen area, where it caused damage to two LP gas tanks and various pieces of furniture.

The walls and ceiling in the sector of the mentioned domicile were also affected by radiation and smoke.

No injured or intoxicated people were reported after the events, since at that time there was no one inside.

Minutes later, a 48-year-old male named Pedro Enrique arrived, who identified himself as a tenant of the house, who stated that he did not know the reasons for the fire.

Elements of the Directorate of Security and Citizen Protection also provided support in the emergency and prepared a report on what happened.

Finally, the situation was controlled and the fire was prevented from spreading to the rest of the house and the surrounding homes.

The corporations present terminated the service and They left the place without any other news.

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