Hospital del Milagro: with a campaign they seek to prevent hypertension

The may 17th commemorates the World Hypertension Day, reason why the Hospital Lord of the Miracle will carry out various activities in order to highlight the care of this disease and its prevention.

The cardiology service of the hospital will carry out a schedule of activities between May 17 and September 14 to expand the possibility of continuing to provide guidelines and information to patients with controls and scientific update sessions for medical personnel.

From next Tuesday the 17th, between 8 and 12 noon, the people of Salta will be able to go to the Hospital to control their pressure in the entrance hall. From the hospital they explained that those who are diagnosed as hypertensive will be referred for cardiological care.

What is hypertension?

In general, in an adult person, sIt is considered high blood pressure when the values ​​are above 140/90. When those values ​​exceed 180/20, it is considered severe hypertension. In the measurement, the upper number indicates the systolic blood pressure and the lower one, the diastolic.

People who are diagnosed with arterial hypertension They will be referred for care by specialists in cardiology, who, if necessary, can request other studies, indicate treatments and specific care.

high blood pressure It is a very common disease, the main risk factor for morbidity and mortality.with a high level of ignorance and very low control.

Currently Arterial Hypertension has a prevalence of 46% in our country, it is the most frequent consultation at the hospital level and Primary Care Centers, the hypertensive population is often unaware of its existence and those who suffer from it do not comply with their treatment.

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