Horror: In an ESI class, a girl told that she was abused by her grandfather

During a Comprehensive Sexual Education (ESI) class in Rosario de la Frontera, a girl revealed that she was the victim of sexual abuse by her maternal grandfather. The protocol established by the Salta Ministry of Education was immediately activated and the school director filed a criminal complaint.

The criminal prosecutor of Rosario de la Frontera, Oscar López Ibarra, provisionally charged a 59-year-old man as the perpetrator of sexual abuse crimes with carnal access aggravated by the link in real competition with simple sexual abuse aggravated by the link to the detriment of a minor granddaughter.

The girl told in detail that when he was 10 years old, on different occasions, he was subjected to acts of sexual abuse by his maternal grandfather. The teacher in charge reported this situation to his directors, who The complaint was filed and an investigation was initiated, which concluded with the arrest and indictment of the accused.. The Prosecutor’s Office requested the intervening Court of Guarantees to maintain the arrest of the accused.

The provincial referent of the ESI program in Salta, Elisa Spechetold Salta/12 that what happened in Rosario de la Frontera has to do with a new reaffirmation of ESI compliance. “In the province we have a normative framework that leads to its actions”, there should be, he recalled, a “compulsory and systematic teaching of ESI”. In this sense, he assured that all educational institutions have to be framed in this provision.

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