Horror: he was on a sulky with his wife and his head was blown off with a shotgun

This noon, a horrific crime shocked the neighboring province of Tucumán, when a man was murdered in the middle of a public road in front of his wife and a minor.

At approximately 12:40 p.m., a man identified as Ariel Melían, 28, was driving with his wife and a minor in a blood-drawn car on Alem Avenue.

At one point, he was approached by an individual who pointed a firearm, apparently a shotgun, at him and shot him in the head.

The victim died on the spot, and his body remained in his wife’s arms until the authorities appeared.

According to preliminary investigations and testimonies, the aggressor would be about 70 years old, and unofficial sources report that the deceased would have stolen a vehicle last week.

The Homicide Prosecution Unit II, in charge of Carlos Sale, is working on the case, trying to clarify the facts.

The video – Sensitive images

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