Honda HR-V 2023, the generation that came more revolutionized

Compared with the previous Honda HR-V, the new generation of this product in Mexico (which is already on sale) it is larger in dimensions, including the wheelbase that has improved the interior space, in addition to having more equipment, technology and safety, so it rises to a new category and rises in segment, all thanks to that robust body that makes it look, indeed, more muscular.

In the aesthetic section we have an updated grille and set of lights, as well as a longer hood and a roof that runs to finish off in a small spoiler on the gate. Depending on the version, it has black wheels and will have measurements of 17 inches for the entry version and 18 inches for the higher versions. Its dimensions extend 19.1 centimeters longer, 5 centimeters more wide and one centimeter higher, with 4.5 centimeters more in the wheelbase. It measures a total of 4,550 meters in length. With this, you already get to you with rivals like Mazda CX-30 or Volkswagen Taos, for example.

We go inside, where we will highlight first of all its great space. In the back we lack air conditioning outlets, but in this first contact with the truck we perceive that the air from the front reaches the rear seats with good force. Then there’s a USB charging port, overhead grab handles, and reading lights that activate with the swipe of a finger. We do not have armrests but we do have ample space in length and width, so we can travel very comfortably in the back. In addition, the trunk has a capacity of 691 liters, with space for three large suitcases, and we were able to verify this on this trip we made from the Honda plant in Celaya to Querétaro.

Technological and safety improvements are present, mainly due to wireless connectivity with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as “Honda Sensing” and its assist aura. SPECIAL/Honda

We go to the passenger side, where we no longer have a handle on the roof, but instead both the pilot and the passenger have equally ample space and quite comfortable leather-wrapped seats. From the driving position we see a board very similar to the Civic, well, we throw the reel back a bit and remember that HR-V 2023 is based on the same platform as the sedan, with just 5 centimeters less in its wheelbase, but with the same comfortability that the sedan has, even the driving and seating position make us feel like we are in a car like the Civic.

Another element that draws the HR-V from its sedan brother is the dashboard, with those cracks that can be difficult to clean thoroughly if constant cleaning of the interior is neglected. On the other hand, the 9-inch touch screen stands out (7-inch for the entry version), with Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay, while behind the wheel we have a 7-inch instrument cluster, with different types of information that it can be configured according to the data that we want to weight.

Other items that we can highlight are the good visibility, the mirror electrochromicthe self holdinduction charging port even with space for large phones, five USB ports (including the one in the rear bench) and push-button ignition as well as “keyless” access with a sensor.

Driving on the road delivered good accounts, we have the option to put it in “S” mode to improve torque and in addition to paddles behind the wheel to make up to seven simulated changes. SPECIAL/Honda

handling and safety

To “get hooked” in a higher segment, HR-V also had to evolve in its equipment and security systems, as well as to justify its prices. To get started, All versions will have 8 airbags, including two knee airbags for both driver and passenger. Basic systems such as stability control, reverse camera, brakes with ABS are present, but above all it already integrates “Honda Sensing”, which is nothing more than a complete assistance system such as lane keeping, adaptive cruise control and that we can adjust from the steering wheel controls, as well as the essential autonomous emergency brake. On the other hand, the “Honda Lane Watch” is present, however it is a system that does its job well although not everyone likes it. Maybe it takes a little tuning so that it doesn’t feel so intrusive, especially when we’re using navigation and we need to see exactly what the exit is and the camera gets in the way when we activate the turn signal to the right. You may have some option to disable it, or you should for those who don’t prefer it.

Let’s talk about handling. We barely had a few minutes to get to know her and handle her, but it is clear that its engine is completely oriented to a vocation that makes it “saver”, but if you want explosiveness, more sporty or reactive driving sensations, you will hardly find it in this engine-gearbox combination, which could use a turbo block wonderfully. However, this does not make it a bad product, since it is clear to us that it is very comfortable on the road, with good poise, perhaps a bit “loose” in lateral movements, but with an independent suspension that provides better control and quality. March has a good note.

The interior environment is that of a larger vehicle, especially when traveling in the rear bench. SPECIAL/Honda

We manage to drive it at speeds of 160 km/h, but it reaches levels of up to 200 km/h, although reaching that higher figure costs more work. Another detail is the noise of the CVT box, which in combination with the 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter, 155 HP 136 pound-feet aspirated engine, can yield in consumption between 11 and 13 km/l, according to the reading of the computer.

With these changes, the HR-V puts on the gloves and, like in the box, leaves its comfort zone and climbs into a category where more heavyweights sail in the Mexican market, we’ll see how the public embraces it, no without first remembering that it is a product made in Celaya, in the company’s plant, from where it is mainly exported to all of America.


Versions and prices

  • HR-V Uniq at 533,900 pesos.
  • HR-V Sport at 569,900 pesos.
  • HR-V Touring at 599,900 pesos.

Mario Castillo/Celaya-Queretaro


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