His father left him a millionaire inheritance, but he refuses to fulfill his "last wish" to collect it

An unusual case was known in the last hours on social networks. A woman received an inheritance of almost 9 million dollars from her father, but at the moment she cannot collect it until she has a stable job. She refuses to carry out the last wish of her dead father and that is why she resorted to Justice to challenge that clause.

The protagonist of this amazing story is Claire Brown. This woman, a native of Sydney, Australiafiled a request in court to not having to meet the condition that your late father put in his will so that he can access the millionaire sum that corresponds to him as an inheritance.

In said testament, the man left as his last wish, and as a condition, that the woman should get a job. In case of not being able to achieve it, also you can volunteer in some activity that contributes to society and so he will collect the millions.

Nevertheless, Clare refuses to comply with that wish of her dad.. As an argument, the woman says he has high-functioning ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) something that, he alleges, prevents him from keeping a stable job in the long term.

“Give me what is rightfully mine. I’m suffering”, the woman asked her family and added: “Can you please stop saying ‘get yourself a job’? That’s not going to happen”.Brown said in a note with the American program “A Current Affair”.

According to the Brown family, Clare’s father was a successful stockbroker who amassed a large fortune. She had a privileged childhood and adolescence, where she received everything she wanted.

Even when the woman went to live alone, the man decided to support her and paid $500 a week. The average weekly salary in that country is almost 384 dollars. Despite this, that figure was not enough for Brown to cover his expenses and decided to ask for social benefits from the government since, according to his testimony, his father “kept pressuring her” and “financially abused” her.

That “pressure” that the woman mentioned is that her father tried to teach her since she was a child the value of money. He now he asks his family not to interfere and grant him the exactly $8,355,539 left over from his father’s fortune. As he explained, he needs them so as not to have to live on the social assistance that his wife receives, Laurenand raise their one-year-old daughter.

Finally, a cousin of the heiress spoke about this situation and assured that she is using her condition as an excuse. In addition, he considered that by appearing in court the only thing he achieved was to disrespect her dead father, who trusted her. We would like you to get a job and contribute to society. We are desperate for him to correct his life. We’ve done nothing but love Clare”, sentenced.

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