High speed in the Procrear neighborhood: neighbors called Transit and asked for measures

Today staff of Municipal Transit was present at the Procreate neighborhood of Rio Galicians. There they were summoned by the neighbors, who gathered before the concern for the high speed with which vehicles travel in the area.

According to the residents of the place, they usually see cars carrying out chopped in the streets Pilot Lero Rivera and Crew of Fournierwhich entails a concern and risk before the amount of children playing on the beachas well as other drivers.

Pamela Bustamantehead of the Municipality’s Department of Driver Education, indicated at the scene: “We have to be attentive to the needs of neighbors and get closer to see how we can help and collaborateā€. In this sense, he stressed that they should work technicallyto prepare a report and then present it to the Executive and thus be able to give a prompt solution to neighborhood demand. Traffic lights or installation of another devicethe possible measures.

In the place, one of the neighbors indicated that the traffic makes it becomes more and more difficult to cross the streetsout of fear, and the constant danger due to speeds and the number of people who transit, walk or play in the place.

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