High school boy threatens classmate with machete (VIDEO)

A video was broadcast on social networks showing that a teenager from a high school in Morelos threatens his classmate with a machete.

The violent act occurred in the evening shift of the High School April 10, which is located in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata, in the state of Morelos.

In the images it is seen that the young aggressor (dressed in white) wields a machete and threatens one of his companions, who wears a dark sweatshirt.

The victim tries to avoid the attack by grasping and moving the knife away, so both struggled dangerously for a few seconds.

In the room other students are heard shouting: “Leave it, leave it.”

The aggressor pulls the hair and puts the other student against the wall; then he releases it.

In response to the events, the Institute of Basic Education of the State of Morelos (IEBEM) condemned “this and all acts of violence against any of the members of the educational communities inside and outside the state schools.” .

He said that in coordination with the State Public Security Commission (CES) Morelos thoroughly investigate these reprehensible acts, “with the aim that these events do not remain without consequences.”


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