Hérault: a competition for the unusual municipal decree of the year

Has your feathers. (©succo / pixabay)

Legal curiosities » organize the first “competition of the unusual municipal decree of the year”. Indeed, for many years, mayors have sometimes adopted unusual municipal decrees… The best known is undoubtedly the one adopted in 1954 in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, which prohibits UFOs from flying over the city or landing there. The goal was to make known the wine of this city by this original local law. It was a success: Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine is now world famous and no UFO has ever flown over the town.

Wishing help French municipalities in their desire to promote their heritage on a national scale or to put into perspective a problem encountered at the local level, the team of “Curiosités Juridiques” has decided to propose a competition to all the mayors of France.

A jury chaired by the former Prime Minister

Chaired by former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, the jury notably includes Laure-Alice Bouvier, Nicole Ferroni, François Rollin and Caroline Vigneaux. It will designate the winning municipality on September 16, 2022

> Notice to interested mayors: To participate, the municipalities simply have to issue a funny, poetic or absurd decree and send a certified copy before September 15 to the address [email protected]
To find out more about “Legal curiosities”, it’s this way.

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