Hebe de Bonafini was fired: where his remains rest

the ashes of Hebe de Bonafinilast president of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Associationwere scattered this Thursday in the May Plaza, in a massive and emotional ceremony in which politicians from the Kirchner wing participated; social and union leaders, as well as cultural leaders.

As is the tradition, every time one of the members of the AssociationBonafini’s ashes were deposited in a hole dug in the perimeter garden surrounding the Pyramid of Maymoment that was accompanied by other members of mothers.

The square exceeded the expectations of the Mothers who called to participate in their traditional Thursday round to honor the memory and legacy of who was its president since 1979, Hebe de Bonafinipassed away last Sunday at the age of 93.

Among those present were the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillofand the leader of The Campora and Minister of Community Development of the province, Andrés “Cuervo” Larroqueamong others.

Photo: Telam

In addition, the singer participated Teresa Parodythe Father Paco Olveira, from the Group of Priests in Option for the Poor; the former Minister of Economy, Beloved Boudouthe unionist Daniel Catalano (ATE-Capital), and the Buenos Aires Minister of Labor, Walter Correa.

the remains of bonafini rest in the May Plazalike those of Azucena Villaflor de Vicentithe first mother, whose ashes remain buried at the base of the Pyramid of Maythe same place where 45 years ago the women of white handkerchief began their fight for human rights against him State terrorism.

Hebe de Bonafini She was born in the city of Ensenada on December 4, 1928 and in 1942 she married Humberto Bonafini, with whom she had three children: Jorge Omar, Raúl Alfredo and María Alejandra.

Photo: Telam

At the beginning of 1977, his eldest son Jorge Omar was kidnapped and disappeared in the silverand in December of that same year his other son, Raúl, suffered the same fate.

In addition, the following year his daughter-in-law, María Elena Bugnone Cepeda, Jorge’s wife, disappeared.

Hebe María Pastor de Bonafini began her work as president of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association in 1979 -after the kidnapping and disappearance of the first owner, lily villaflor-, an entity in which he stood out for the fight for the human rightsagainst the impunity of those guilty of crimes against humanity, together with the vindication of the revolutionary militancy of the detained, disappeared and murdered.

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