He was on medical leave due to depression, he ran into his boss and he made a reprehensible reproach

One of the most frequently mentioned problems in the work environment is the relationship that employees usually have with bosses, by some attitudes that mark people and completely affect their work performance.

A young woman recalled on her social networks an anecdote she had in a previous job with one of her bosses, while transiting a medical leave and it quickly went viral.

on the social network Twitter She remarked that in 2018 she was on medical leave for going through severe depression and that on the recommendation of the psychologist who was treating her at that time, she went out for a walk and ran into her former boss on the way.

After seeing her on the street, he made the decision to send her an email so that she “collaborate with a topic urgently” in an ironic way remembering the walk with your pet. “I hope you did very well”he stated.

My ex boss saw me and sent me this, disgusting bosses like that. RESPECT MALPARED, incapacity, is incapacity “, highlighted the tweet of the young woman who garnered more than 27,000 “likes”, more than 1,500 retweets and countless comments.

Subsequent actions and reactions on social networks

The young woman recalled that after receiving the email from the boss in which she was forced to return to work despite her license, she suffered “a panic attack” because she thought they were going to throw her out and that getting out of her bed was “the worst idea in the world”. “It marked me so much that I never deleted the screenshot.

“For this and many other things, I left the country, without telling anyone, I left everything ready and I left a power of attorney for my dad so that he could take my resignation letter and not give explanations to anyone about shit, because for the only that they served was to spread the gossip about when he tried to kill me ”, remarked.

Most of the opinions on Twitter criticized the actions taken by the boss when sending the email, they highlighted a horror of spelling, because he wrote beeches with a double L, and they remembered similar situations that they went through in their jobs.

“Most people are not up to the task of understanding that mental health can kill more people than any other disease.”, maintained one of the Internet users, while another young woman valued: “Fortunately, in the midst of your pain, you stepped back and prioritized your health. You were too brave and I admire you.”

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