He shone as a humorist in VideoMatch, but he rejected Marcelo Tinelli and found a new facet: What is Pablo Granados’ new life like?

Paul Granados It was a fundamental piece in programs like VideoMatch either Hazard: Uncoded. However, due to the pandemic, the successful comedian decided to take a drastic turn in his career: he rejected a proposal from Marcelo Tinelli and moved to a field surrounded by orchards far from the City. How does she live?

The 57-year-old actor began his career as a comedian and presenter in a local program in Rosario, Santa Fe, his hometown. From then on, he added multiple experiences that positioned him as a historic comedian on Argentine television.

together with his friend Pachu Penastarred in an explosive duo in a sketch for VideoMatch, ShowMatch, and time later, Hazard: Uncoded. In addition, it adds large participations in programs such as: Singing for a Dream, The best and the worst, Pablo and Pachu or even the Argentine film “Bathrooms 3”.

Despite his long career of more than 20 years on the small screen, the comedian decided to retire from television to turn his life around: he moved to a small town in the interior of the province of Buenos Aires to perform field tasks, take care of their garden and create content for social networks.

Everything originated from the pandemic, but today he lives surrounded by nature in Lima, Zárate. Find out what happened to the life of Paul Granadosthe comedian who He rejected the return with Marcelo Tinelli for his life in the field.

The new life of Pablo Granados

Pablo Granados and his life in the countryside.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the actor decided to move to his house in Zárate, which had been unused for several years. However, it was not expected that he would bring about a resounding change in his life. “I was going for a weekend or 15 days in the summer, but the quarantine found me there and now I am not going back. It is my place in the world, I already knew that, it happens that I did not live there, ” he said in an interview.

Soon, they changed their habits and routines. Today it is in an ideal place to rest in the open air, surrounded by its plants, orchards and animals. “Living in the country is the best”, held, in 2021.

And the field has that thing of going down to earth. Or that you go out, I don’t know, for a bike ride to recharger. With dogs that I didn’t have before, I like being there. Sometimes I miss a little bit. If I want to make a caipiroska I go and get a lemon from there”, counted.

However, he does not regret having moved and today he has no intention of returning to his life in the City of Buenos Aires: “I’m not coming back, they take me out with a crane”, assured. Even so, Pablo Granados stressed that the most difficult thing was to separate from his children Miguel, Mery and his granddaughter Bernadette.

For now, he is in a relationship with the actress Camila Delossanwith whom he shares his life in nature and together they are dedicated to creating content on social networks.

Pablo Granados and his facet in social networks

The Rosario actor has already decided that his new life would be in Zárate. For this reason, he looked for a new facet to continue with humor but without having to return to the City: “I am a lot in networks and I can do it from here, here you live with less, you spend less on material things and you can be happy with less,” he said.

“It is a pleasure to create special content for you on these dates, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do”, he once said on his personal Instagram account. Currently, she has 1.8 million followers and is constantly uploading videos to show off her new country routine.

In this way, the historic TV humorist moved to virtual platforms. His life is calmer, but he continues to spread laughter and comedy to all his followers.

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