He sent a letter to Messi and obtained an innovative device for the blind

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Leo Messi presents OrCam Read

As reported by La Capital de Rosario, upon learning of the order, Messi did not hesitate for a moment and pulled the strings so that this device can reach its destination in order to alleviate the daily tasks of the applicant, in the recognized municipal public entity.

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On June 22 Messi will deliver the device

The formal delivery of the team will be next Wednesday, June 22, from 12, at that venue, and will be attended by Guglielmettlibrary authorities and representatives of the company OrCam Technologies, of which the 35-year-old footballer is an ambassador.

For his part, the protagonist of this story and who was the promoter of the order is a great fighter in life: he became blind at the age of 17 and, despite the difficulties he had to face, he studied law and managed to graduate.


His mother was key, since she is the one who helped him record everything on cassettes to study and what he studied he incorporated through audio, while it is for this reason that he is currently dedicated to translating books into MP3 audio format.

Hence the importance of this simple-to-operate artificial intelligence device.

The great donation of La Pulga

This donation from Messi -equivalent to 4 thousand dollars- will be a vital contribution and a radical change in his book translation work to help other people who are blind or have low vision.


OrCam Read is the first wearable device with artificial intelligence that reads any printed or digital text at the touch of a button. Now it also offers the possibility of interactive reading. It is a device specially designed for people with moderate vision difficulties and for people with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia and fatigue.

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