He refused to go to his daughter’s diploma ceremony because he plays for the National Team: "Who was the pe…"

“I swear… so I have the hair… cutting the grass right here”ripped the viral audio from a father. Why viral? Because a voice note began to circulate through social networks in which a man explained to his daughter that she cannot go to her diploma delivery.

The particularity of the matter resides in the date of the important event for the life of the young woman. It falls on Saturday when she plays the Selection! Yes, the unique event will occur on the same day as those of lionel scaloni are measured against Mexico for the second date of the Qatar World Cup 2022.

“I’ll take out a kidney and give it to you! Whatever you ask me, but don’t do this to me. I’m asking you please”, the girl’s father continued. not happy with that “plot”continued: “I love you with everything; I went to the other, I’m going here, but don’t blow my balls up, it’s a diploma from m…”.

He doesn’t want to go to his daughter’s diploma ceremony for the World Cup.

“I didn’t go looking for my university diploma, I swear. Ask Grandma. Paper sucks for me; I accompanied you from kindergarten to here, don’t break my balls for a thing”asserted even more emphatically this “character”.

On the other hand, he finished: “I’m going to talk to the school, they’re all crazy. I think it’s stupid; it seems like a joke, I have no doubt that there are… loose guys who don’t like football”.

He also asked: “Am I the only dad who likes soccer? What do the other dads do, do they like hockey or artistic dance?”.

What did the young woman answer? That section of the chat also went viral. “Pa, I don’t understand what you want me to do, it can’t be changed. The school set it up and the other parents didn’t complain. Only two or three said they couldn’t, but they would go and watch the game on their cell phones.”.

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