He met her on Facebook, they were expecting a child together and she stabbed him with a tramontina

“The day before Juanjo was stabbed he had cooked a chicken on the disk because that night he invited a friend of theirs to dinner at his house, and three friends of the 13-year-old girl she has from her previous relationship. It was a normal day, we do not understand how something like this could happen“, said Debora Ledesma, sister of Juanjo, the 27-year-old who died after being stabbed by his six-month-pregnant partner.

In exclusive dialogue with cronica.com.ar, the young woman who was older than Juanjo, and works as a nurse, related that the event occurred on July 10 last around seven in the morning, in the house where the couple lived in the Ezeiza municipality, on the same property where she and her dad they also lived.

“What my dad related is that He heard a door slam from their house and went out to see what was happening. When does it come out, he sees her with a Tramontina knife in her hand. And my brother was on the doorstep of his house. My dad asked him what was going on, and he told him ´that they were couple things´, and he goes inside his house. After a while she appears and warns my dad: “Run, I’m going to kill you,” and he gets inside the house. My dad goes out after her, but when he goes into their house, she goes out. There he sees my brother lying on the floor in the middle of a pool of blood“, Deborah recounted.

The claim of Justice of the family of Juanjo Ledesma.

“He killed me, he killed me”Juanjo’s father began to shout disconsolately. A neighbor who heard the screams came to the house to see what had happened. At that, he came across the alleged murderer who “He ran out and threw himself on the ground, and began to hit his belly on the floor while yelling ‘Take this baby out of me!'”, Deborah’s report.

Immediately the neighbor called the police who were present, and arrested the pregnant attacker who was detained at the Tristán Suárez Women’s Commissary, until a week ago when received house arrest. While Juanjo was in intensive care intubated with sedation“until July 31, when he passed away, after receiving the two lethal stabs, one near the heart, and the other in the region of the lung.

Juanjo was 27 years old and worked as loading and unloading operator. “He was one of those people who was always with a smile, he was always one of those positive people, always moving forward”, was recalled by his sister who stated that according to her perception “they did not have a violent relationship”. The couple had met through the social network Facebook less than a year ago. A few months later they went to live together at his house, and at the same time she became pregnant. “My brother was so happy that he was going to be a dad”said Débora.

“We do not understand how and why, we saw a normal couple, nor conflictive. There is something that we obviously do not know”, expressed about the tragic outcome. However, as a result of the violent episode, his father commented that some time ago he had heard his son’s girlfriend tell him that she was going to kill him.

“My parents are with a psychologist, they can’t get over it, my dad got one of the worst parts since it was finding him. And he couldn’t do anything”, Deborah expressed. Along these lines, he stated that the only thing that can ease the pain is “Justice be done“.

In such a way, on Friday 10 to 12 noon perform a march in the Ezeiza prosecutor’s office.We claim that we could not see the cause, we also claim that they did not notify us that she is home. We want there to be gender equality and that because she is a woman, she does not have fewer years of sentence “, sentenced.

The testimonial statement of the victim’s father.

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