“He is an icon for the country and has made us unite as a family”: The messages and signs of affection for Ricardo Arjona during the first concert in Argentina of the “Blanco y Negro Tour”

Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona continues his tour Black and White Tour and on Friday, August 5, he gave a concert at El Movistar Arena, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Show It was the first of seven that the local musician has scheduled in that country.

The recent tour of the Guatemalan artist began on February 3 in Lanzarote, Spain and during his tour of Europe, Arjona captivated and caused a wave of comments from his followers, who enjoyed the repertoire he performed during the evening.

In Argentina it was no exception because in that country he has had unconditional support since he began his career. In addition, in that country there NotiArjona, the first and largest fan club of the Guatemalan singer-songwriter which was founded in September 1995, has approximately 6,800 members, four delegations (North – Córdoba – Rosario/Santa Fe and South) and more than two decades of support and monitoring of Ricardo’s work.

On Friday, August 5, Ricardo drew sighs from the attendees who packed the stage, who sang all his songs and who were dazzled by the waste of talent of the Guatemalan musician on stage.

Members of the “NotiArjona” fan club during the first concert of the “Blanco y Negro Tour” in Argentina. (Free Press Photo: Courtesy of NotiArjona)

“I came from the South to share the passion with the fan club to live Ricardo after four years without him and to be able to accompany him in this is great. I traveled more than 1,200 km, so I have no words to express what Ricardo means to me, that’s the truth, it’s a lot of emotion, it’s the impossible love perhaps, but it’s a lot of passion that you feel for him. In addition, a lot of respect for his work, ”said Belén Guzmán, a member of the southern delegation of NotiArjona.

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“Ricardo Arjona for Argentina is an icon. If they know his history and his trajectory, they will know that he is a man who came from below, who fought her and who is now where he is, “added Susana from Buenos Aires.

The NotiArjona member also highlighted what the Guatemalan singer-songwriter has motivated her and what she currently generates every time she attends one of his concerts.

“Ricardo means many things to me, today I am with a tremendous emotion that I have had from the first Show i saw it from Caribbean Gallery, and that same emotion that I felt then, I feel now. The truth is that without knowing it, he is very important in my life,” said Susana.

during the tour Black and White Tour, Arjona has received constant demonstrations of affection. However, the ovation given to him on Friday, August 5 in Argentina evidenced the support, respect and admiration for his career and his work.

Other fans of Ricardo stressed the importance of that concert because it was the first after the break caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

Ricardo Arjona
Ricardo Arjona offered a “Blanco y Negro Tour” concert at El Movistar Arena, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Free Press Photo: Courtesy of NotiArjona)

“We are gathered in the first Show of Ricardo after the pandemic and it is a party every time he visits the country and that is why he is welcomed accordingly. For Argentina, Ricardo is an icon, he is a man who is almost Argentine, he started his career here and he is very important for all of us. I think that when he comes to the country he feels like one of us, it’s as if he were in his house, “added Mercedes from NotiArjona.

While, for Silvina, from the Rosario delegation, she stressed what Arjona has caused in her country. “This was the first Show and we have several on the way. In addition, for us Argentines who love him it is important, he has allowed us to unite as a group, as a family and that is how we behave, that is what he provokes, ”he said.

The video call and the special greeting for the Lady of the four decades

During the evening, Ricardo Arjona performed a repertoire that included his hits and songs from his recent record productions with which he captivated his fans.

Ricardo Arjona
Ricardo Arjona packed the Movistar Arena, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Free Press Photo: Courtesy of NotiArjona)

Claudia Juny said that the Guatemalan artist had great stage management, charisma and was accompanied by a band made up of outstanding musicians and two choristers who stood out.

Each theme was appreciated by the attendees, but Lady of the four decades It will be marked in the memory of Argentines, due to the gesture of the Guatemalan singer-songwriter during that evening.

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“I was on a video call with the delegate from the city of Córdoba and in an instant Ricardo passed in front of me, I showed him the screen of my cell phone, he saw it and asked a security element to catch it for him,” said Juny, an admirer de Arjona and member for more than 20 years in NotiArjona, who has attended more than 100 concerts by the Guatemalan artist.

“I am not a teenager and I was petrified because my greatest wish was for Ricardo to sing to Giselda Peressotti and then I realized that he had my cell phone and sang for her,” added Juny.

The start of the tour Black and White Tour

Although the first official concert was on Thursday, February 3, Arjona and his musicians spent several days in January in Antigua Guatemala, the city where the show that is currently being presented was rehearsed.

During the final rehearsals, the Guatemalan singer-songwriter privileged a group of coffee pickers to see the show by Black and White Tour, in which he also pleased subjects who requested.

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