“He has offended us,” says Santiago Creel when criticizing AMLO’s tour

“Here is not Cuba, Mr. President López Obrador, here is not Nicaragua or Venezuela, we have been offended by his presence and that he has accepted to be decorated with the medal with which all dictators have been decorated; It has offended us that he did not even ask about the political prisoners in Cuba, when his obligation is to ensure human rights,” was the message sent by the deputy for the National Action Party, Santiago Creel Miranda, during his visit to La Laguna.

This, after the tour made by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Central American and Caribbean countries, which concluded in Cuba.

The legislator also demanded that the federal president pretend “bust” the Summit of the Americasby conditioning their assistance if countries like Cuba and Venezuela are not invited.

“He has offended us by wanting to blow up the Summit of the Americas, allying with the worst of politicswhich is authoritarianism and dictatorships, not here,” he stressed.

In his speech, the PAN legislator pointed to the violence experienced in most states, “the country does not deserve the violence that is going through the vast majority of states, does not deserve an economy that does not grow, that does not give, that does not generate jobs, which does not generate good salaries; an economy that is a factory of poverty, a health that does not even have the basics, medicines, we do not want Morena in this square “.

Regarding his hearing, Creel Miranda said that he brings “two very clear messages from the PAN. The first, tell them that Durango is an election of national significancenot only is it important that a good government continue with Esteban, but that this square is a square of the Va por México alliance, in preparation and on the way to get Morena out of politics, she does not deserve to be in politics.


“We want the Va por México alliance to begin to consolidate a new Mexico, a Mexico where different ideas are accepted, a Mexico where there are no traitors, no enemies, in any case adversaries and competitorswhere there is dialogue, where there is plurality, where there is democracy”.

Regarding his second message, Santiago Creel expressed “to the entire country, that the campaigns are going very well, especially in this area of ​​the state, the lagoon area, of course in Gómez, Lerdo, of course with our mayor of Durango, but Above all, they go very well with a great candidate, with experience and without occurrences, a candidate who knows how to listen, who is not silenced, a candidate who is going to face a state with a lot of development, and that is why I am here to speak to the PAN members, to those of us who are active in the PAN, so that knowing that we are doing very well, I ask you not to slow downthat they tighten it, that it is the obligation of all PAN members, militants and sympathizers, to lead Esteban, Lety and Homero to victory, that we are going to close ranks from here until the last day of the campaign”.

“Here we come to win and put a stop to Morena, because Morena is not going to enter here. We know that their leaders have come, some corcholatas were around, as they say, some corcholatitas that are going to stay in that, because not even have been uncovered.”

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