He graduated as a doctor, showed the tender gift that his father had prepared for him before he died and moved everyone

Many times the social networks they can become hostile terrain, where there is no lack of fights, grievances, “haters” or internet haters who take advantage of the impunity of anonymity to attack other users, sometimes with a specific objective or, many times, just for fun.

But networks have their flip side and are also used for noble purposes and as vehicles of positive messages. And this was demonstrated by a young man who shared on his account Twitter a photo of the emotional gift that his mother gave him on the occasion of his graduation as a doctor, and moved the entire Twitter community.

In the post, shared by @javiervargasrey, you can read: “25 years ago my father passed away, today I graduated as a doctor, my mother (the most spectacular being in the universe) He’s been saving this all these years for this day. Thank you dad, thank you mom.”

The text was accompanied by a tender image where the young man’s hand can be seen holding a watch and a note that says: “From far far away, always taking care of you. Potato”. The post went viral with more than 170 thousand “likes” and almost 1,300 comments of users completely moved by the story and recounting similar personal experiences.

“Me too. Just a few months ago I lost mine. Surely your old man is in that distant place but closer to your heart than anyone. A hug”, commented a totally moved user. “Ufff how lucky you are to have that mom. Love her very much and be the best version of yourself, it will be the best way to repay her and him from that very, very distant place where he takes care of you”, “I also have objects and letters saved for my son. I gave them to him and I will give them to him in due course, as my husband asked me before leaving”, “Congratulations on that graduation, luck and success. What a beautiful gesture of your mother, She is the extension of your dad’s soul.” other netizens commented.

Others also provided similar experiences: “My grandfather died more than 40 years ago and I keep his watch, for me it is very special, he used it for sure just like your father. For me it is a little piece of him with me”“My dad gave me a watch when I entered the Faculty of Medicine. He passed away before seeing me become a doctor. And that watch is one of the things I treasure the most and that it has unparalleled sentimental value.”

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