“He gave the road to another vehicle”: bus falls into a ravine of at least 50 meters in Tecpán

A traffic accident was recorded this Thursday, June 16 when a suburban bus fell into a ravine, Departmental Municipal Firefighters reported.

The event occurred in the Xecoxol village, in Tecpán Guatemala, Chimaltenango, lifeguards added.

They were transferred from the place at least 11 passengers to the Tecpán General Hospital and another two to a private hospital, some of them with serious injuries.

Mario Upún, spokesman for that fire department, said that some injured had skull fractures.

In the place they were also treated several patients with nervous crisis.

According to versions given to the authorities and rescuers, two buses met head-on on the road, so one of them bhe tried to stand on the side of the road, very close to a ravine.

However, the ground was saturated by the rains of the last few hours, so the area collapsed under the weight of the vehicle and it fell to the bottom of the ravine.

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Upún said that the ravine had approximately 50 meters deep and that the bus carried 50 to 60 passengers.

He added that it should be noted that Thursdays are market days in Tecpán, so the bus was full.

(Photo: Departmental Municipal Firefighters)

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