He found a million dollar check on the street, returned it and received a reward that left him baffled

An unusual event occurred in recent days. A 38-year-old man found a check for $4.6 million on the street and decided to return it to the company to which it belonged.. After this good deed, the company gave him six packs of sweets by way of thanks.

The event happened in the city of Frankfurt, Germany. A man, identified as Anouar, was walking through the city when he suddenly noticed that there was a piece of paper on the ground. when lifting it, he realized it was a millionaire check.

The subject was shocked by the sum. It was a check with a payment order for more than 4.5 million dollars, the same it was addressed to a company called Haribo de Rewewhich is dedicated to the manufacture of sweets and sweets, according to the newspaper ┬┤Bild┬┤.

A 38-year-old man found a multi-million dollar check on the street and returned it.

Anouar believed that the appropriate thing was to return it. That is why he contacted the company and explained how he had found the check and that he intended to give it to them. However, the German company He asked him to tear it up instead of taking it to the offices.. Something he agreed to do.

In addition, they asked him to send a photo of the destroyed check to be able to corroborate that he could no longer try to collect it. In return, they assured her that they would give her something gratifying for her solidarity.

The subject kept his word and sent him the photo of the torn millionaire check and a few days later the company Haribo decided to send him about six packs of gummies. to the man’s home as a thank you.

After the news broke, many people began to question the candy company for the reward it gave the man, which helped them not to lose millions. Meanwhile, the man was consulted on the subject and acknowledged that it was “a pretty cheap reward“.

Finally, from the German company they spoke about it and excused themselves, claiming that the man’s attitude was commendable and kind, but that if he had wanted to cash it by check, he would not have been able to. The value of the found object was a personalized check and no one other than our company could have cashed it.“, he sentenced.

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