He disappeared in Chile 22 years ago, was presumed dead and Florencio Varela’s neighbors claim to have seen him

22 years ago, a man disappeared disappeared in Chile and has been presumed dead since then. However, in recent days, Florencio Varela’s neighbors claimed to have seen him. Due to the photos that circulated, Interpol Argentina The search began and even one of the sons of the alleged disappeared traveled to Buenos Aires.

Is about Juan Fuentes Candiawho was last seen on February 24, 2000 and, according to the family, had been recruited by an organization that uses homeless people to ask for money.

“Seeing the photos we realized that he has the same physical features. One of her sisters cried when she saw them. We expanded the search to the town of San Francisco Solano, where we were told she may have gone.”said Juan Esteban, son of the man in question, who was only 9 years old when his father disappeared.

neighbors of
Florencio Varela They claimed to have seen
Juan Fuentes Candiawho
disappeared in Chile 22 years ago.

“A man who claimed to be a policeman contacted us and warned us to be careful because in the Florencio Varela area there is a mafia that takes advantage of homeless people and uses them to ask for money.”he added in dialogue with Telam.

In addition, he specified that he made a presentation at the Judicial Department of Quilmes to start a case for “whereabouts investigation”.

The last time they saw Juan Fuentes Candia

According to the family, the last time they saw him was when he made a bag and went to work a few days in a construction. At that time, the work was located in the town of The Rufinacommune of Saint Ferdinandregion of O´Higgins.

After weeks without news, the man’s mother contacted a co-worker, who informed her that her son had disappeared in the middle of the night, after a fight with a co-worker. Curiously, he did not take his belongings nor did he contact anyone again.

The complaint was filed in a timely manner, but the local justice system was never able to respond. Indeed, every June 18Fuentes birthday, his family publishes his photos in the hope of finding his whereabouts.

search reactivation

The family received different injections of hope from different people, who sent messages in February to tell them that there was a person with similar characteristics, living in Florencio Varela.

Since then, they have moved heaven and earth to locate it.

“I would like to give you a good pass the time that follows. I want him to meet my children. My grandmother died looking for him, so I feel good because I think I’m doing something to find him.”his son concluded.

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