He could not afford the graduate clothes and received a surprise from his classmates that went viral

While looking forward to the start of lessons is not something common, the exception to the rule is found in those who are going to attend the last year of high school, that is, graduates. One of the greatest satisfactions they experience is arriving in the so-called “Last first day” (UPD) wearing their graduate clothes. On this occasion, a boy could not afford the “pilcha” Y received a big surprise from his classmates.

This exciting case took place in the province of jumpparticularly in the College “Fight of the Stones”where a boy received a show of affection that he will surely carry for a lifetime.

It turns out that, due to the economic situation of his family, the young man could not afford these graduate clothes. Therefore, he attended classes the first months with the normal uniform, being the only one of the litter that did not wear this distinctive tradition.

The emotional gift that a graduate received from his classmates

Aware of this situation, his colleagues did not sit idly by and took direct action. With the goal in mind, each one of them contributed their grain of sand to be able to buy his friend’s end-of-year clothing.

Having achieved their objective, they organized a plan to surprise the boy in question. They all gathered at the door of the establishment and waited for him with the present. When the protagonist arrived, one of his friends stepped forward and spoke.

“Your teammates love you from the heart. As we know your economic situation, we wanted to give you a little hand. You turn on everything we do. We all know you deserve it.”he exclaimed happily.

Immediately afterwards, he was given a bag with the clothes and he gave himself in an emotional hug with the exhibitor. With tears in his eyes, he was then hugged by each and every one of his classmates.

How could it be otherwise, one of those present recorded the exciting scene and ended up going viral on social networks. It started as a local event and then spread throughout the country.

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