He bought a 75-inch TV to watch the World Cup and when he plugged it in he became bitter

TikTok user @israel_lugo10 shared a heartbreaking story, showing how his new 75-inch TV arrived at his home.

The event, which took place in Mexico, where the user is from, quickly went viral by recording the exact moment he tested his appliance intended to watch the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

However, the worst was yet to come…

In the midst of the competition faced by different nations, in which Mexico participates as one of the countries seeking to win the World Cup and this Saturday will face Argentina, the TikTok user joined the wave of next-generation television comparators in order to enjoy the event.

However, Israel was not so lucky, since when he got home and checked the state of the television, he noticed that something was not quite right.

In the video, which is largely made up of photographs, he used his voice and a background melody as a narrative of his misfortune.

After purchasing the 75-inch TV, the user moved it to his home in the trunk of the car, but its position was not indicated, since the appliance traveled at an angle, which could have caused it to break and subsequently fail.

Despite the little space, in the same way, Israel took a risk.

“Like when you’re doing well with your new 75-inch screen,” read the user, who followed up from the time he lowered the TV until he brought it home and the subsequent test.

Before turning it on, Israel noticed that the screen had cracks.

Despite everything, he plugged it in. Instantly lines began to appear that took over part of her vision.

Something that surely surprised the more than 5 million people who played the video and the more than 116 users who gave it a ‘Like’.

Meanwhile, the Mexican did not enable comments and thus avoided ridicule.

To the bad luck of the TikTok user who bought the 75-inch TV just five days ago and who showed his misfortune on social networks, was added that he could not see the tie between Mexico and Poland this Tuesday.

Without bread and without cake, Israel did not enjoy the high-quality screen and was left without encouraging its team, which failed to score the expected goals and define a difference within group C, which also includes Argentina.

Undoubtedly, he left a clear example of what should not be done when purchasing an appliance of this type. /The nation

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