He ate in a restaurant in Buenos Aires, showed the ticket on the networks and left a striking reflection on inflation

Lunches and dinners in restaurants also reflect the inflation Argentina has been going through in recent years. Some diners share the ticket of expenses in social networks and make their own survey of the increase in prices.

One of them is the leader of the liberal partyfreedom advancesCarlos Maslatonwho showed his expenses, but also surprised with a positive view of the problem that hits the pockets.

This is how you eat barrani today in Buenos Aires, it’s 15 USD per person. Months ago this was 7 USD and soon it will be 35 USD”, pointed out the lawyer from the social network of the little bird. There he added the image of the ticket where you can see everything he ordered for lunch this Saturday and the price of each product.

The voucher lists two adult cutlery, three bottles of mineral water, and a serving of spinach fritters. Then Maslatón ordered some sorrentinos and fettuccini. As an appetizer he ordered a Campari and for dessert he enjoyed the classic fresh and sweet potato with two coffees.

“The output is always inflationary”

Below everything, the total of the ticket shows that the liberal “influencer” spent $8,460 for lunch in a Buenos Aires restaurant. Equally, They gave the lawyer a significant 15% discount on the total, for which he finally paid 7,191 pesos when they deducted $1269.

In the same tweet, the “militant” of La Libertad Avanza raised about the situation in the country: “Real inflation in dollars marks the Argentine economic recovery”. “Actual deflation in USD marks recession. The output is always inflationary”, He considered to open a debate with his followers and the tweeters who criticize him.

Ticket shared by Carlos Maslatón on Twitter.

But if here the income is in pesos Carlos. Recovery for whom?”, pointed out a user and @CarlosMaslaton assured: “For all”. “I don’t remember any ticket of yours where it was 7 dollars per person”, pointed another and the author of the tweet showed a receipt and pointed out: “Why don’t you read? This is from a year and a half ago. $5.

Meanwhile, the curious tweeter who is never missing asked him about the restaurant: “Obviously I don’t have the guts to go to those places, but where is it? “I’m not going to tell you” concluded the lawyer of the UBA.

As mentioned, this type of posting is normal in Maslatón’s account, and it always sparks controversy due to his vision of the economy. However, he achieved great popularity for his keys like “barrani” (in black) and “Proceda”, which became viral memes.

“Poor Gringos”

Returning to the controversy over the price increase, before revealing his spending on lunch, Maslatón noted on Twitter: “Argentine inflation cover story of the New York Times right now”. “But, poor gringos, they don’t understand anything”, he assured against the Yankee publication.

They don’t know how we can do economic calculation with inflation and they fail to understand that we Argentines are the world’s greatest experts on the matter”, raised the liberal lawyer.

It should be remembered that the Consumer Price Index (CPI), published by INDEC, reached 5.3% in June, to reach 64% in the last year. While so far in 2022, inflation has already reached 36.2% in just six months. Private estimates estimate 8% for July and 90% throughout the year.

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