Gustavo Petro would not assume a seat in case of losing the elections – Presidency – 2022 Elections

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The head of state is disputed between both candidates and although the result of the polls is uncertain, something that is clear is that whoever comes in second will be able to occupy a seat in the Legislative, by acquired right.

In addition, he has been clear in pointing out that if he loses he would not participate again in the next elections for the Presidency of Colombia, although he has not rejected the possibility of continuing to legislate, he has expressed that if he does not win the presidential elections on June 19 , would have to evaluate if he accepts the seat in the Senate.

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“I would not like it, it is not something that excites me at the moment. I work very well when I feel passion for what I do,” Petro said in an interview with RCN news.

Gustavo Petro obtained 40 percent of the votes in the first presidential round of 2022.


Cesar Melgarejo. TIME

I work very well when I feel passion for what I do.

For several observers, his passage through Congress has been one of the elements that has formed Petro in the political discussion, in the controversy, but also in the denunciation, of which his debates of political control for acts of corruption of public servants or by the relationship of a part of the political class with paramilitaries.

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And now, just a few hours before the presidential mandate passes to a new successor, it is uncertain whether the leader of the Historical Pact would be willing to continue his political cycle as a representative of the opposition in the Legislature, because as he has stated, his goal it is to be able to consolidate a “political force for change” through the coalition that supports his aspiration for these elections.

Gustavo Petro assured that he will analyze what happens to see if he recognizes or not the result of the presidential election. “They want me to say I do. No, I’m going to look, “he said in an interview with the radio medium The W.

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For now, it is known that the leader of the Historical Pact will be this Sunday, June 19, from the Movistar Arena in Bogotá, together with his vice-presidential formula, Francia Márquez, his family, members of his political coalition and the press, waiting for the results of the pre-count of the presidential election.

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