Gustavo Petro appoints his splicing commission – Government – Politics

(In context: Petro begins work with his team to advance the junction)

It is worth remembering that the president-elect held a meeting in the morning
in the north of Bogotá with his programmatic team, with whom he advanced the points
more urgent in view of the dialogue between his team and that of President Iván Duque.
Among these, he affirmed that it is necessary to prepare the specific tasks that allow
specify which points will be kept, which ones change and which ones there are
to start building.

It is expected precisely this week that what the Duque government has called the transition harmonica

I called Gustavo Petro to congratulate him as president-elect of the Colombians. We agreed to meet in the next few days to start a harmonious, institutional and transparent transition,” said Iván Duque on his Twitter account on the same Sunday of the elections.

The Minister of Finance, Juan Manuel Restrepo, reported that a meeting has been agreed with the splicing commission appointed by the president-elect for this Friday, June 24 at 10:00 am in the Casa de Nariño. “We continue to work for a transparent, harmonious and institutional connection process,” said Restrepo.

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