Gustavo González: “It is time to ignite the economy”

The times of the campaign advance and with them also the journey of the candidates for National Deputy of the Frente de Todos, especially Gustavo González, who heads the list and who has accumulated the most kilometers to publicize the federal proposal for his space.

After visiting Caleta Olivia at the beginning of last week, ‘Kaky’s’ travel itinerary continued through Pico Truncado, where he was with Mayor Osvaldo Maimo and part of his cabinet. There, he visited the Hydrogen Plant of the town, was able to learn about the INSET and UNPA programs that are carried out in the facilities, and take note of the transforming potential that the Plant has for his community, something that is being studied and has great chances. to be realized thanks to the fact that the

The National Government has taken the development of energy as a State policy.

He then held a meeting with cooperative members and entrepreneurs from Truncada in which he was accompanied by Carlos

Aparicio, National Deputy Paola Vessvessian and, virtually, Governor Alicia Kirchner, who gave a warm greeting to all those present and asked them not to lower their arms to continue fighting for a better future.
Another issue that occupies the legislative agenda of the Frente de Todos is the reactivation of the economy; either in SMEs or the industrial sector. Thus, in Pico Truncado he was with the company FV Sur, which builds pallets, to learn about its activity and its future prospects.

To close the day, together with Adriana ‘Kitty’ Garzón and Carlos Aparicio, the candidate gave the present at the inauguration of a Basic Unit to speak with the militancy. In that place he called to “turn his back on the opposition that has done so much damage” and their “magic solutions”, while urging them to work and military the territory to continue with the national and popular project that Néstor Kirchner and Cristina started. Fernandez; and that today finds its maximum expression in the figure of President Alberto Fernández, the Vice President, and the National Deputy Máximo Kirchner. “I can assure you that this September 12 we are going to start making history again in Santa Cruz since in these mid-term elections we will be the winners,” he emphasized.

The work would continue in Las Heras, but not without first having a stop in Koluel Kayke. ‘Kaky’ was received by Tomás Cabral, Community Development Commissioner, with whom he toured the local institutions. In addition, he chatted with neighbors and workers. “We are committed to working so that small and thriving communities like this grow and develop more and more,” said the candidate. “This is a project that includes everyone, that leaves no one on the road and that is committed to collective construction”; he claimed.

Already in Lasherense territory, the candidate held meetings with neighbors, made his proposals known and listened to what the needs are in order to develop strategies that can be addressed from the Chamber of Deputies. “The potential and economic diversity that Santa Cruz has today is not all of them,” he remarked. “We have to pay off outstanding debts, but also understand that in the middle there was a pandemic that made any kind of progress difficult.” “We know that little by little the country’s economy is starting to work, which will help to have an equitable budget according to the demand of each of the people of Santa Cruz,” he added.

As mentioned previously, Gustavo González had as one of his priorities visiting entrepreneurs. In Las Heras the meeting was with the owners of Zanotti Hnos., A company dedicated to logistics and mechanics that bet on growth even in the hardest times. “At the Front, we continue to look for alternatives to add to the existing ones to assist entrepreneurs,” said ‘Kaky’. “Going to Congress to reach our own quorum will allow us to legislate in favor of SMEs and generate better conditions for them.”

Las Heras also provided moments for ‘Kaky’ González to meet the militancy, including the inauguration of a Basic Unit of UP with the presence of the pre-candidate Adriana ‘Kitty’ Garzón. Something similar was repeated after his arrival in Perito Moreno, where he addressed those present at the headquarters of the local Justicialist Party.

Already in Peritenses lands an important agenda was developed. To start, together with the deputy for the People Guillermo Bilardo and Carlos Aparicio, he learned about the base of the 132 kv interconnection of the El Pluma – Perito Moreno section that will enable the growth and diversification of productive activity in the area. This historical and enormous work is the product of the will of the provincial State that, with funds from UNIRSE, decided to execute this transforming infrastructure. “These types of projects are vital for the future of the province as a whole, they promote development and generate new possibilities for the people of Santa Cruz,” he stressed.

Subsequently, the delegation moved to the transport service provider CMC; visited Aridos Almendra; and then the company of general services for the industry Sandin Hnos; all companies that bet on the locality and with whom they spoke about their job prospects in the field. “We know the importance of accompanying all sectors, that is why we want to create a legislative agenda that seeks to encourage the growth of local enterprises.”

“We know the difficulties we have in the Province and what we are studying is how we can address them,” González explained in an interview. “It is time to ignite the economy as it has been happening little by little so that those opportunities reappear for the entire community in general.” “The projects that are coming to Santa Cruz are going to be very beneficial to be able to address the problems we have,” concluded Kaky González.

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