Gustavo Adolfo Infante clarifies everything about his alleged arrest warrant

Sergio Mayer is once again involved in the controversy over the plea agreement that he had with Gustavo Adolfo Infante for a few years and that he would have subjected them to legal proceedings.

All this was started by a tweet from a former Garibaldi in which he stated that the presenter will be arrested. Even though he didn’t say Who specifically was he referring to? the entertainment reporter then shot back, allowing everyone to see that it was him.

“Guess What TV host is hiding for having ignored a restraining order from a judge, and continuing to violate an actress in his programs and now he has an arrest warrant? Clue; she is from Imagen Televisión ”, she wrote through her Twitter account.

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Recently, Gustavo Adolfo Infante responded to the singer through a Facebook transmission. The presenter mentioned that there were several reasons for which the singer did not appear in two of his programs, but he never wavered.


The host of ‘Sale el Sol’ explained that he was arrested for six hours after mentioning the actress Gaby Spanic in one of her programs, because she tried to pay a bill with an old car.

That I have an arrest warrant for contempt of a judge for the subject of an actress whose name I cannot say and today a man who sued me Sergio Mayer says that I am hiding says that I have an arrest warrant for raping an actress”.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante clarified that although he had received an arrest warrant for mentioning the name of Gaby Spanichis lawyer had filed an amicus curiae, so he would not be required to appear.

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“I want to talk to you if you drive with drinks in Mexico and they stop you, it is a wonderful program, I congratulate you because you have saved many lives… There is an administrative detention center it’s not a jail And for me, for mentioning a person who had a debt, they took advantage and took the video to the judge. Then a judge ordered my detention for 6 hours. I spoke with my lawyer Alonso, and Alonso promoted an amparo because I am not going to go even 6 hours, not an hour, or anything.

“To me for mentioning this person
They gave me 6 hours, I’m already covered I will not go, but I will leave the biggest news to my lawyer because tomorrow in First Hand he will give it, “he concluded.

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