Guillermo del Toro launches against movie chains for not releasing "pinocchio"

The movie of Guillermo del Toro pinocchio” finally reached some movie theaters prior to its arrival on the platform Netflix; However, the filmmaker from Guadalajara showed up and launched himself against the Mexican movie chains that they did not take the film to their theaters despite having announced them.

Cinemex had already announced Pinocchio – my wish was that it could be seen for even two weeks in more rooms accessible to all the states of MexicoGuillermo del Toro wrote on Twitter. “I wish and she had not retracted or they could support so that they see her in more cities. I wish”, added the man from Guadalajara.

Guillermo del toro launched against Cinemex on Twitter. SPECIAL

After the publication, some of his followers regretted that the cinema chains had not screened the movie “Pinocchio” despite having announced it for this November 24, they even criticized that there was no other publication to confirm whether or not the film would be released.

Cinemex had announced that it would premiere “Pinocchio”. SPECIAL

Del Toro added that one of these chains “I already had a commitment”, however, there was no response.

Where to see “Pinocchio” by Guillermo del Toro?

At the moment, only some independent cinemas and the Cineteca have “Pinocchio” available in their theaters.

Until now, None of the chains mentioned by Del Toro have commented on the matter.

For Guadalajara, the film in “stop motion” can be enjoyed at the Cineforo and the Cineteca FICG from this Thursday until December 5. You can check the schedules here.

Furthermore, users of Netflix You will be able to enjoy this film on December 9th.



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