Group of 150 migrants with numerous Cubans cross the US border.

A massive group of more than 150 migrants, including numerous Cubans, crossed the southern border of the United States this Friday through the area of ​​Eagle Pass, Texas.

Journalist Bill Melugin of foxnewsshared a video on his Twitter account where the moment of crossing of a part of the group can be verified and in which, when asked about their origin, many of the migrants identify themselves as Cuban.

“For the third day in a row, another massive group of approximately 150 people has illegally crossed at this very location on private property here in Eagle Pass, TX. This has happened every day since Wednesday during the morning hours. Cubans, Venezuelans, Colombians”, wrote the journalist in the tweet where he shares the video.

Shortly after, Melugin shared another video where another large group of migrants can be seen crossing into the Eagle Pass area through the Rio Grande.

Yesterday, the Fox reporter had documented the crossing of a large group of migrants in the vicinity of the same area, among whom were also Cubans, Venezuelans and Colombians.

According to the journalist, upon arrival of the migrants, there were only “two Border Patrol agents overwhelmed here at this time with the Texas National Guard” when there were still more groups to come.

In his opinion, “these massive groups are a great drain on Border Patrol resources. Multiple agents will have to come to process. That will leave other parts of the border unpatrolled, and that’s where the cartel will push drugs and criminals.”

Last Wednesday, a total of 68 immigrantsmost of them Cuban, were located by Border Patrol agents from the Ajo Station, west of the town of Lukeville, in the state of Arizona.

“Most were adults and family units from Cuba. Multiple agents responded to assist with transportation and processing,” said Tucson Sector Patrol Chief John R. Modlin.

“Most were adults and family units from Cuba. Multiple officers responded to assist with transportation and processing,” Tucson Sector Patrol Chief John R. Modlin tweeted.

According to preliminary estimates, more than 35 thousand Cubans They arrived in the United States through the southern border last April, a figure that exceeds the already considerable records of March (32,000) and February (16,000).

Cuba was thus placed as the second sending country of emigrants to the United States in April, only behind Mexico.

This migratory wave coming from the Island is unprecedented since the famous Mariel Crisis in 1980.

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