Griselda Guerra case: they confirmed the arrest of the alleged femicide

They requested that the man continue to be housed in the prison accused of aggravated homicide by the relationship and for mediating gender violence – he risks a life sentence -, a request to which the prosecutor Lucas Lecour adhered.

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The fatal victim of the femicide in Mendoza that occurred in the La Favorita area.

Judge Gabriel Bragagnolo issued the preventive detention immediately since the defense of Luis Benavides did not present any type of opposition.

The official Homicide defender, Ximena Morales, explained that he has not been able to draw up a defensive strategy due to the impossibility of speaking with the suspect due to his delicate state of health.

It is worth remembering that Luis Benavides was arrested one day after the discovery of the body of Griselda Guerra in the area of ​​La Favorita. The man starred in a violent episode when he was driving a bus through Blanco Encalada where he ended up hurting himself and was admitted to the Carlos Pereyra Hospital. In that hospital they also detected that he had coronavirus.

His state of health worsened the following days and he was even admitted to intensive care, according to Morales. Weeks later he was again transferred to the Willow where he was stabilized and about a week ago he was housed in the penitentiary, where he still has lesions such as bedsores since due to his episodes he was tied up in a bed.

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Griselda Guerra was murdered in La Favorita.

Griselda Guerra was murdered in La Favorita.

Femicide in Mendoza

On the afternoon of Sunday, July 18, Griselda Guerra’s body was found in a field located in the La Favorita area. A man who was walking his dogs was the one who found the remains and notified 911. The authorities identified her and it emerged that they had been looking for the woman since Friday night, when she had gone to a kiosk and never returned. The body had a severe blow to the head.

The investigation quickly targeted Luis Benavides, the victim’s former partner and with whom he had already lived situations of gender violence. In fact, a search was carried out at his home but it yielded a negative result.

The next day they noticed that he had been admitted to the Pereyra Hospital since Sunday when he had symptoms of delirium and suicide attempts aboard a bus in Luján de Cuyo.

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