Grey’s Anatomy actor suffers leak of nude images while participating in a play

The actor was a victim of the leak after being recorded performing on Broadway. So far the person who leaked the images, who has not been able to be identified, risks legal consequences.

The Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williamswho plays the Surgeon Jackson Avery in fiction, he suffered leak of nude images captured during a play on Broadway.

Williams is currently away from the screens, however, he has not left his acting career and continues to venture into the theater.

Recently, the actor debuted in the play “Take Me Out”where personifies a baseball player and most of the acts take place in the locker room of the stadium.

In it, the Grey’s Anatomy actor plays a sports star who declares himself homosexual and who must deal with discrimination. By his action Williams was recently nominated for a Tony Award.

as part of the plot the character of Williams, and other of his companions, is left completely naked.

For this reason, to enter the theater it was it is mandatory to leave phones, cameras and any other type of device to record the work in bags closed with a magnetic closure.

However, someone who is not yet identified was able to breach security, record Williams nude performing, and then leaked the footage online.

So far the artist has not referred to the subject. who did it was Kate Shindle, President of the Actors Equity Association -similar to a syndicate of theatrical actors-, who said: “We condemn in the strongest possible terms the creation and distribution of photos and videos of our members during a nude scene”.

In addition, the theater that houses the work warned that the person who recorded the images and leaked them could face legal consequences and, at the same time, they called not to spread the material.

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