Grettell Valdez, proud of her son, who has already composed and recorded his first song

Mexico City.- Santino, the result of the marriage between Grettell Valdez and Patricio Borghetti He has always been the pride of his famous mom.

The actress expressed that her only 14-year-old son continues to take strong steps in the artistic field.

During her most recent meeting with the press, the actress stated that her little boy had already become a man.

Proud mother

“He is a teenager, that is, he is already a man, he measures 1.82, and he is 14 (years old), what can I tell you? It is a child’s show, he is incredible, I am the mother…”.

Because a couple of months ago he showed off his son’s talent at his first concert, Grettell now confessed that the minor has taken an important step in the musical field.

“Of course, he loves music, he has already composed a song, in fact he has already recorded it, I hope that one day he will let me release it, right now he tells me that it is for him. He composed it, but the lyrics, music, arrangement, everything, voice, got into the cannon and the song is incredible,” he said with a big smile.

Artist Mom Tips

Regarding the advice that he has given Santino in terms of the professional field, Valdez commented: “Now that I live, that I be happy, that I enjoy myself, I know that it is in my veins, the truth is that I speak like a mother, the talent has it. What I want is for him to enjoy and live and well, tomorrow if he decides to dedicate himself to this obviously I will support him and surely his father too, one hundred percent, but now that he is a child, that he enjoys and that he enjoys it ” .

On the other hand, Grettel Valdez confessed that she has already left in the past the terrible moment she lived when she had to undergo an operation to amputate part of her thumb to avoid cancer.

“They already discharged me, the issue of my finger was left behind, so nothing, nothing happened, I don’t remember anymore,” he said about it before leaving the place.

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