Government files complaint for arson attack in Los Ríos

A fire complaint against all those who are responsible the government filed for the arson attack recorded during the early hours of last Friday in the sector Punucapa, commune of Valdiviawhere unknown persons burned six forestry trucks.

This was confirmed by presidential delegate of the Los Ríos region, Paola Peña. “We filed a criminal complaint for the crime of arson for the events that occurred in the sector of Route T-340, on the way to Punucapa, commune of Valdivia, against all those who are responsible“, he pointed.

“We reiterate our absolute condemnation of the events that occurred. We have met with the victims and we will meet again this Monday,” added the regional authority.

While, the Special Police Investigations Brigade (BIPE) of the Valdivia PDI continues to carry out investigations to find those responsible for this crime.

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