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The team is coordinated by the Minister of Finance, José Manuel Restrepo, and includes the Chief of Staff, María Paula Correa; the director of Dapre, Víctor Muñoz, and the head of Planning, Alejandra Botero.

The president even announced that the team is ready “so that starting next week – when the President-elect determines it -” the “joining exercise” begins.

“TWe are going to make all the documents and management reports public, and to the extent that the technical splicing tables are advanced, we will also make them public. I want the Colombian people to see clearly what is being delivered”, assured the President.

“More than a year ago, President Duque asked a team of us to review how this process could be strengthened. to make it as transparent, expeditious, procedures that could be totally public, open”, said the chief of staff this Friday morning.

For his part, the Minister of Finance stressed that the joint will be transparent in the facilitation and access to information, it must be consistent, it must have coordination, it will be in good faith to demonstrate honesty and loyalty and it will have to demonstrate quality in the information.

The documents to be presented at these meetings will be published absolutely allUnless there is a reservation in a particular case, some security and national defense document, but otherwise all the information that as a Government is delivered in the splicing process will be published once the splicing meeting is held, “said the director of Dapre.

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