The Government reported a plan to avoid large roadblocks during this long weekend, where, according to the Executive, it is expected that about 400,000 vehicles will leave the Metropolitan Region.

The Government announced a plan to avoid tacos during this long weekend, where -according to the Executive- Nearly 400,000 vehicles are expected to leave the Metropolitan Region.

The measures contemplate that if a traffic jam reaches two hours, the divisions of one direction and another on each highway will be lifted, to manage detours through annexed routes.

The Minister of Public Works, Juan Carlos García, affirmed that if this requirement is fulfilled, or the block extends for three kilometers, the lifting of the toll barriers can also be evaluated.

In the event that the congestion continues and becomes a serious situation, the Government assured that drinking water and restroom services will be provided.

It also required dealers to have machinery deployed on routes to make quick decisions, where they can move cars to replenish vehicular flow.