Government announces comprehensive health care for victims of acute sexual assaults in GES

From La Moneda, and within the framework of the commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the ministers for Women and Gender Equity, Antonia Orellana, and for Health, Ximena Aguilera, announced that the system of Explicit Health Guarantees, GES, will include comprehensive care for victims of acute sexual assaults.

In detail, the head of Health explained that “as of the first of October We incorporate into the Explicit Health Guarantees program, comprehensive care for acute sexual assaults”.

“This implies a government commitment to the issue of sexual violence in which attention is being guaranteed in all large emergency services and emergency primary care services, immediate medical attention, examinations and treatment for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as mental health accompaniment for the assaulted, in order to reduce the disabilities that are generated as a result of these events”, added the Secretary of State.

Rise in crimes of sexual violence

For her part, Minister Orellana stressed: “Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, within the framework of that day we are remembering that We have suffered in the last 7 years an increase in crimes of sexual violence and that today we are adding to what already existed, which was the first care with prophylaxis, emergency contraception in cases of acute sexual assaultan accompaniment that has to do with mental health ”.

Every 14 minutes a woman is the victim of a sexual assault in our country according to figures from the Public Ministry. With this announcement, what we are doing as a Government is extending the entire health network, not just emergency care, an accompaniment with at least four mental health care sessions”, added the head of Women.

In this line, Antonia Orellana specified that the above “what gives us a minimum floor of reparation regarding sexual violence, initiative that we hope to deepen through the approval, hopefully soon, of the LComprehensive Law against Violence against women”.


Meanwhile, Minister Ximena Aguilera pointed out that this comprehensive health care for victims of acute sexual assaults in the GES system “means an expense of around $9.600 million”.

“We are very pleased that this guarantee exists for people who unfortunately receive a sexual assault, and We hope that this will contribute to mitigating the impact that these terrible attacks have on their lives.”, affirmed the head of Health.

The ad is part of the national campaign of the Ministry of Women and Gender Equality #SíEsMiProblema as one of the measures of the Executive towards the prevention and eradication of violence against women.

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