Gohn, Christian Nodal’s younger brother releases single ‘El hymn of the hurt’

MEXICO CITY.- Christian Nodal He already has competition, and it is neither more nor less than his brother.

His name is gohan, who appeared on social networks with: “Although my heart hurts, I bring a smile on my face.”

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The young man is the younger brother of Does not givel, who asked his fans to follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Gohn releases single “The anthem of the hurt”

Gohn will release the single “El himno de los dolidos” on his brother’s and parents’ record label, since his mother, Cristina, was also a regional Mexican singer.

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The young man is the first artist that the label of the ex-fiancé of Belinda lance. The label, Ladonseeks to promote new talent from the Mexican region.

Christian Nodal revealed that he will collaborate with his brother gohn Coming soon.

Photo: Courtesy Instagram

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