Girl was rejected at a job for being “green scarf”

The young woman was happy: after much searching, she had found a job at a car dealership in Buenos Aires. After the interview strictly speaking, they had confirmed her place in the company.

However, with the passing of the hours, the Wednesday before his first day of workreceived by WhatsApp a discouraging and surprising message at the same time: his employer had reviewed his status in social media and decided not to take it for employment.

Basically, the message -which María published on her profiles as a complaint- said: “You are a green scarf and you were going to come to a very macho environment…”

“Maria, hello. Excuse me but I’ll be honest. I saw your status ‘Not one less’, you are a green scarf and you were going to come to a very macho environment, ”she said, and argued that at the dealership“the boys make jokes that you always take very sensitively, all to hell…

In short, the problem was not sexism in the work environment but, before those “jokes” a woman takes “everything to hell”, for which “I prefer to look for another style of womanwhat would be for you ‘an oppressed by the patriarchy’”.

The “arguments” for which they denied him the job:

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