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One of the most recognized festivals of recent times is back. Its about Homemade Festival see you next time November 29 will take the streets of the capital.

The exhibition, which is characterized by the intervention of various spaces with artistic displays, is already displayed in the Balmaceda de Providencia Park. Here you can find different giant works, from bubbles to a representation of the Andean carnival.

In Tomorrow will be another day we spoke with Payo Söchting, director of the Collective Bla! which is part of the organization of the Hecho en Casa festival, about the works that will be part of this new version.

“We are celebrating 10 years of the festival. There have been unpublished works such as the fried eggs, the rubber duck, the woodpecker in the Entel Tower or the clothes hanging on Paseo Bulnes”departed saying Söchting.

“It is good news that these things are beginning to happen in public spaces. It is a festival that is free for people; it is about bringing art to the city for everyone with these works that invite the family to go“said the director.

“We inaugurated again yesterday and this is very good for people, after the pandemic that we have been locked up. We have such entertaining things and the festival looks very beautiful. The invitation is for everyone to come as a family”he added.

The works of the Hecho en Casa 2022 Festival

Secondly, Payo Söchting delved into the 3 most important works that the festival brings in its new version. These stand out once again for their staging, their large size being one of the important points.

“Bubbles is something that I think everyone will like. It has something similar to a duckling, it has this commonplace of going back to childhood. Who was not amazed when they first saw the bubbles? Now they are giant”said the director of the Collective Bla!

“The concept of the festival is to celebrate the city. In this context we saw how we celebrate ourselves. We found that the closest carnival we have is in the north. We created a large-scale replica of a mask of the tyrant”Söchting said .

“This year we bring a big mascot. We made this mascot that is very funny, it has three heads, eight legs. This is very big, it is 7 meters high, and each of the mascot’s bodies is 6 meters each.”he added.

Find more information about the Hecho en Casa Festival here.

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