Ghana LIVE: The Portuguese push (a little), Ronaldo not helped by the referee… Follow the match with us

48th : WHAT IF THE LIGHT CAME FROM DANILO? I don’t know, I’m trying something to force fate.


6:00 p.m. : We are generally on a good day of football today.

45th+2: HALF-TIME. The Portuguese have the ball and home advantage, but struggle to be really dangerous. Ronaldo still misses two opportunities well within his reach. We hope it will move a little more after the break! See you soon.

45th : Ah there on the other hand it is less inspired the small Kudus. Huge sole on Cancelo when the Portuguese side cleared the ball, and a well-deserved yellow.

43rd : Rho the output of ball of Kudus, it was something. Hook, small bridge, roulette before collapsing to scratch the fault, great art.

41st : Ronaldo who chooses the strike, countered of course there was a forest of legs in front of him. And behind him unwittingly counters a cross from Joao Felix… It’s not his halftime at CR7.

39th : Did you know the name of the Ghanaian goalkeeper? His name was Zigi (sorry but I had to do it, it’s been itching for half an hour).

37th: : In any case, on what we have seen since the start of the match, we are not very close to the first goal of an African selection in this World Cup.

34th : They are more and more risky the Ghanaian raises, the Portuguese a few centimeters from the interception each time. Come on, I want to believe in the opener before the break.

32nd : Yeah it was when trèèèès light huh, he plays well the shot the Strasbourg defender. We understand that CR7 is not happy.

31st: Goal by Ronaldo but the referee had whistled for 10 minutes for a (small mistake) from the Portuguese on Djiku.

29′: Ok Joao Felix who sends his shot into the scoreboard. Ok he was a little on the back foot but from there to miss it so much… he was very alone 10m from the goal.

27th : It’s not everything to get close to the surface the Portuguese, you have to take a little risk at some point because otherwise you’ll really fall asleep.

24th : I just went to check the age of Andre Ayew, in my head he was at least 36 years old but not at all imagine, he is only 32. If you want to shine in society tonight (or not).

22nd: Aaaaaah Kudus give me strength in this serious pass!! There was a highway for Inaki Williams between the two centrals behind.

20th : It purrs, it purrs, but we’re not going to hit the Portuguese who at least try to play football.

17th : A thought for our national William, already insulting the whole world in front of his TV (you have to work on the other hand after Will).

15th : They are really starting to increase the pressure, the Portuguese, the Ghanaians on respirators. It can still hurt on the other hand, be careful.

13th: Air Ronaldooooo!! He put a thousand like that the Portuguese captain, but there he failed to smash his head on a great cross from Guerreiro. He still jumps just as high though, pfiou.

12th : Oh yes the small Portuguese combination to enter the surface, in one touch that’s well done. Corner.

10th: POPOPO Ronaldo who misses his control on this golden ball!! Served full axis on a Ghanaian ball loss, CR7 pushes it too far on its ball grip and Zigi can intervene. There was a time when it ended in direct lulu that.

9th : First Ghanaian mini incursion into the opposing camp, but just to say eh.

7th : Small start to the match in terms of rhythm, the Portuguese rather hold the ball but not much is happening. Ghana sets up their defense at 8.

5th : Bernardo Silva who is already coming back very low to offer a clean recovery. Always a pleasure to see his beautiful left paw.

3rd : Note that the PSG lab has done a good job since Danilo is aligned in central defense by Fernando Santos.

4:58 p.m. : Nice little atmosphere on these hymns, it hasn’t always been the case since the beginning of the competition. Ronaldo who shed his little tear (yes we saw you Cricri)

4:56 p.m .: Come on, the two teams are here! We’ll move on to hymns.

4:52 p.m. : Here, it’s more telling with a photo.

The 974 stadium in Qatar.
The 974 stadium in Qatar. – Michael Zemanek//SIPA

4:51 p.m. : So this match takes place in the 974 stadium. So why this name? It intrigued me, can you imagine, and it turns out that in reality, we can find two reasons > Already this figure corresponds to the telephone code of Qatar, but also and above all it is the number of maritime containers which have been used to build the stadium (yes).

4:48 p.m. : To come back a bit to Ronaldo, he still has a lot of pressure on his shoulders… A bit like Messi in fact. He is 37 years old, this is his last opportunity to shine in the World Cup, which he has never managed to do. His best result is a half in 2006, when he was still a youngster and not part of this team. Since he is what he is, it’s 8th finals in 2010, elimination in pool in 2014 and 8th finals again in 2018… And above all a single match where he weighed that we remember, the famous 3-3 against Spain in Russia where he scored a hat-trick.

4:45 p.m .: Here is what it looks like for the composition. A lot of familiar names if you follow Ligue 1, Andre Ayew, Alexandre Djiku, Salis Abdul Samed… And the latest arrival, Inaki Williams, to strengthen the attack.

4:42 p.m. : On the Ghanaian side, we arrive rather on tiptoe in this World Cup. The last competitions were cata (when they qualified…). Fallen to 61st place in the FIFA rankings, the quarter-finalist selection of the 2010 World Cup is advancing without too much recent reference.

4:39 p.m .: So here is the Portuguese line-up for this match. CR7 at the forefront, surrounded by Joao Felix and Otavio. Rafael Leao is left on the bench. Nice little midfielder with Bruno Fernandes and Bernardo Silva (

4:36 p.m. : We wonder all the more that the Portuguese game always revolves around him, as for more than ten years. Coach Fernando Santos has not changed his software despite the passing years. We still hope that the talents that make up this team in the middle and in attack will have the opportunity to express themselves, because on paper it is quite impressive.

4:34 p.m. : Portugal is entering the competition, therefore. With all eyes on Ronaldo of course. The five-time Ballon d’Or is in a situation he has never experienced before a major competition, without a club, in a crisis of confidence, lacking goals (only 3 this season). In short, we wonder about his state of mind and his physical condition.

4:31 p.m.: YO LA COMPAGNIE! We left for a new live, which we hope will be more fruitful than the previous one between Uruguay and South Korea. I trust, the 0-0 I leave that to colleagues in general 🙂

11:00 a.m.: The challenges

You can always reinvent yourself, even at 37. Cristiano Ronaldo will play his fifth World Cup with Portugal, but it is the first time that he will start the competition in the shoes of an unemployed person. The five-time Ballon d’Or has not been a Manchester United player since Monday, at the end of a soap opera that will have interfered with the preparation of the selection. Portugal’s health in this competition will depend a lot on the state of form and spirit of his star, as usual, although other great talents can also take over. This start against Ghana has in any case all of the trap match, against a solid, ambitious formation and reinforced by the naturalization of Inaki Williams.

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