Getaways for Father’s Day: the best places to spend a quiet day and celebrate with your children

we have differents towns, landscapes and rural sites in the province of Buenos Aires that are special to enjoy a day of tranquility and family. There is no better occasion than Father’s day to make a getaway and discover the best gastronomy, history and many other surprises in this list of places to visit this Sunday.


The municipality of Tapalque It is located in the center of the province of Buenos Aires and its name is of Araucanian origin, this translates as “totoral” or “water with totoras”. This site was distinguished as the National Capital of Black Cake. A title without diminutive because the versions of this bakery have diameters that are between 25 and 30 centimeters.

Tapalque, a rural option for a quiet getaway.

In addition to this sweet appetizer, fans of cheeses and artisan sausages are going to find the closest thing to paradise. This is the Totoras de Tapalqué, a cooperative dairy plant, where you can taste different types of products. within the same property there is an agroecological garden which offers guided tours throughout the year.

Irenaeus Portela

A little over 160 km from CABA we can escape to Ireneo Portela, a town of 500 inhabitants, in Baradero. On the outskirts is Vitto’s branch”, a restaurant that opens only on weekends and offers the best cuisine in the area. Then, within the locality we can also locate “Goyenespe & Genoud”, one of the best General Branch stores in the area.

apple orchards

On the other hand, we present the rural town of apple orchardswhich is in the party of Pillar and what does it have nature-related activities for the whole family. Just 67 km from the Federal Capital, getting to this town is very accessible.

It is one of the many towns in the region that originated after the creation of a railway stop, which later ceased to function. Currently, rural tourism is mainly enjoyed in the town. There are fields and ranches to visit and explore. It is very possible to be in contact with nature and the native animals of the area.

Manzanares, an ideal town for a rural getaway.

Manzanares, an ideal town for a rural getaway.

History buffs will be interested in visiting the church, the old houses of the town and the central square. Nevertheless, on a day of tranquility, there is no better plan than watching the sunset on the river while they take some mates.

The Awnings

The main city of the district of General Viamonte is an option for a rural getaway with distinctive and special attractions. The Eva Perón House Museum, the Mapuche community with its yarns and the production of gouda cheese come together in this Buenos Aires destination that attracts tourists from all over the country.

In addition, for several years, with the famous Cheese Festival, the municipality began to show its extensive dairy tradition. During the fair you can find different styles of cheeses, stands of preserves, sweets, honey, baked goods, craft beer and live cooking classes to enjoy.

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